You have brilliant video ideas. Lets turn them into compelling podcasts, pitch videos, live-streams or conference recordings.

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Time & Cost Efficient

We understand how to produce many videos in a short time and within a reasonable budget. We work with the goal in mind and a clear process in place.

Content & Creativity

We guide you through the concept and content generation based on sophisticated market research, data and our experience. We combine it all with creativity and enthusiasm.

Distribution & Data

We help you reach your target audience using organic reach, data and paid channels. We use this information to make projection and define conclusions for future collaborations.

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State-of-the-Art Studio Rentals Tailored to Your Needs

Empower your storytelling dreams

Book your top-notch video and podcast recording studio in the heart of Zurich.We're with you frominitial concept to final edit.

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Our Happy Clients


Great support, easy to use and uncomplicated access - we already came back several times

— Aleksandra Potrykus

This place is exactly like the picture posted on Videohaus. Great service, we had a great stay!

— Berta Emili

We have used the Video Studio several times and have enjoyed working there and with the staff: Great location, Fast execution, State-of-the-art equipment, Easy to use, great support & helpful, very good post-production

— Anne-Wienke “Winnie” Palm

Great connect. Easy to use, impressive quality! This is how moving images work today.

— Marc Jaggi